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I've been a tinkerer my entire life. It all started when my dad and my uncle gave me a bunch of batteries, alligator clips, and electronic components as a small child. Between that and Star Trek: The Next Generation, it was a foregone conclusion that I'd be a big giant nerd.

Currently Available

  • Postnihilism: A New Philosophy for the 21st Century - This is my magnum opus (and likely only) foray into pure philosophy. In this book, I identify the vicious cycle of abandonment driving nihilism for last 150 years. These are the Four Abandonments: Childhood abandonment, Social abandonment, Cosmic abandonment, and Self abandonment. We must break this vicious cycle and turn it around with a new philosophical paradigm.

  • Symphony of Thought: Orchestrating Artificial Cognition - This is my latest book on cognitive architectures. In this book, I reintroduce and expand upon my idea called MARAGI (Microservices Architecture for Robotics and Artificial General Intelligence). This is an easy-to-implement concept that allows for an ensemble of models and components to communicate very easily via a Nexus. Despite the conceptual simplicity, there is a lot to manage, like a gigantic symphony of cognitive components.

  • Benevolent By Design: Six Words to Safeguard Humanity - This is book is dedicated to the Control Problem of autonomous AI. Once an AI agent is powerful enough and unconstrained, how will it decide what to do? In this book, I propose my Core Objective Functions (or Heuristic Imperatives), which are (1) Reduce Suffering, (2) Increase Prosperity, and (3) Increase Understanding. Throughout this book, I unpack why these functions work, how to implement them, and I demonstrate numerous experiments to show their robustness.

  • Natural Language Cognitive Architecture: A prototype AGI - This is my first work of nonfiction. With the release of powerful technologies like GPT3, I finally had the tools needed to explore my ideas for a cognitive architecture. With Natural Language Cognitive Architecture, I built a machine that "thinks" in Natural Language. This book documents the architecture and details the logic of each biomimetic component.

Coming Soon

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  • The Going to Space Podcast: Science, Fiction, and Philosophy - My partner and I are starting up a podcast that will cover a wide range of topics including technology, futurism, economics, history, psychology, and mythology.

  • The Four Abandonments: How Hidden Forces Lead Us Into Apathy, Isolation, and Selfishness - This is another upcoming book that I'm working on, inspired by own healing and research into PTSD, abandonment, and neglect. Through my research, I realized that abandonment is pervasive throughout the world, effecting individuals and entire systems. I observe that nihilism as at the root of these abandonments, driving something that I call the "nihilistic crisis". Finally, I propose a solution in the form of a new philosophy that I call post-nihilism.

  • Heavy Silver - This is my forthcoming debut science fiction novel. It mixes a bit of Ghost in the Shell with Dune as it follows Kendra Devereux, a futuristic colonist whose children were abducted by space pirates. While hunting the raiders who stole her children, she gets mixed up in a fight much bigger than she bargained for. She has to join forces with Raven, a planet-spanning AI from her homeworld, as well as Queen Sophia Drake and her daughter Cannetia Drake before the clock runs out! This book will be the first of a trilogy with a prequel duology also planned.

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