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I've been a tinkerer my entire life. It all started when my dad and my uncle gave me a bunch of batteries, alligator clips, and electronic components as a small child. Between that and Star Trek: The Next Generation, it was a foregone conclusion that I'd be a big giant nerd.

Currently Available

  • Benevolent By Design: Six Words to Safeguard Humanity - This is my latest book, and it is dedicated to the Core Objective Functions, the system that I have proposed to ensure that AGI remains benevolent for all time. This is related to recent advancements towards AGI and addresses the Control Problem.

  • Natural Language Cognitive Architecture: A prototype AGI - This is my first work of nonfiction. With the release of powerful technologies like GPT3, I finally had the tools needed to explore my ideas for a cognitive architecture. With Natural Language Cognitive Architecture, I built a machine that "thinks" in Natural Language. This book documents the architecture and details the logic of each biomimetic component.

Coming Soon

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  • The Going to Space Podcast: Science, Fiction, and Philosophy - My partner and I are starting up a podcast that will cover a wide range of topics including technology, futurism, economics, history, psychology, and mythology.

  • The Four Abandonments: How Hidden Forces Lead Us Into Apathy, Isolation, and Selfishness - This is another upcoming book that I'm working on, inspired by own healing and research into PTSD, abandonment, and neglect. Through my research, I realized that abandonment is pervasive throughout the world, effecting individuals and entire systems. I observe that nihilism as at the root of these abandonments, driving something that I call the "nihilistic crisis". Finally, I propose a solution in the form of a new philosophy that I call post-nihilism.

  • Heavy Silver - This is my forthcoming debut science fiction novel. It mixes a bit of Ghost in the Shell with Dune as it follows Kendra Devereux, a futuristic colonist whose children were abducted by space pirates. While hunting the raiders who stole her children, she gets mixed up in a fight much bigger than she bargained for. She has to join forces with Raven, a planet-spanning AI from her homeworld, as well as Queen Sophia Drake and her daughter Cannetia Drake before the clock runs out! This book will be the first of a trilogy with a prequel duology also planned.

Recent News

I was featured on the Multimodal Podcast with Bakz T. Future!