My Mission:

Post-Scarcity, Hyper-Abundance, and Postnihilism

I have a conceptually simple mission in life: to help bring about post-scarcity, hyper-abundance, and Postnihilism. My method is pretty simple: to share my knowledge as broadly as possible with whoever will listen. All I can do is share ideas and information, the rest is up to everyone else.

To that end, I release books for free and post videos on YouTube. I'm also working on an AI startup, but this is also just another means to an end for me: I am hoping that my work on AI will help to bring about post-scarcity and hyper-abundance.

Postnihilism is the final piece of the puzzle. What's the point of more life and technology if we're just going to be miserable? My assertion is that nihilism is the core problem with society today, as elucidated in my book Postnihilism: A New Philosophy for the 21st Cenutry. The answer, in my mind, is that we must move through nihilism, to something beyond. What comes after nihilism? The answer is Postnihilism.