The right information at the right moment changes lives.

The right information at the right moment saves lives.

I have been a technology professional since 2007 when I started as a desktop computer installer. I worked my way up through the ranks, learning as I went. Today I am senior systems engineer with a focus on virtualization and cloud technologies. All the while, I have an insatiable curiosity about the world around me. I read more than twenty books a year on topics ranging from philosophy to economics, and of course technology and cognition.

My core belief, as stated above, is that knowing the right information is critical to all aspects in life. I noticed very early in my career that all problems are fast and easy to solve if you possess the correct knowledge. Therefore, I focused on acquiring knowledge and learning to searching for and find knowledge. Whether you want to fix your house, solve problems at work, or just live a happy life - all goals are aided by learning.

Books are humanity's super power. We live at a time and place where millions of books are at our fingertips, we have only to avail ourselves of this privilege. I have used books to recover from anxiety and depression, learn to write fiction, and to gain an understanding of our brains so that I could invent AGI (artificial general intelligence). Whatever you want to learn, any mental model you want to acquire, there is probably a book on it already. Once you combine the learning with practice, you can attain mastery. This was how I learned enough about cognition and computers to design, build, and test an AGI.